Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adventures of Falon-Chapter 1

Falon woke with his heart pounding the same dream again! Wow this was weird ever since he
started his new school in San diego, this school in particular was weird well lately everything in
Falons life had been weird he was an only child with only a mother, Falon loved metalwork and
tinkering with any screws and bolts. Now back to about the dream Falon had dreamed an onslaught
of darkness was rising in a very distant land and he felt he was part of this distant lands destiny. But
how? Well Falon should not have been awake at this hour so he settled back down in his bed and
went to sleep.

Falon got up the next morning brushed his teeth and changed his clothes and went down for breakfast,
today was a normal day but that was so very wrong because this was not a normal day for Falon. He quickly eat his breakfast and hurried to get his jacket on it was the middle of winter and he needed a jacket to survive this years cold and harsh days. He ran to school with a feeling in his gut that something important was going to happen today. He ran inside the building: Graham Middle School was an average middle school nothing bad about it, his favorite subject was science because you could cause explosions and have awesome experiments. Math was was his best subject though and he was heading there now. The math teachers name was Mr. Kameron, had dark brown skin and a brown fedora cap with braided hair down his side when Falon walked in he greeted him in the strangest way by saying 'great things await you Falon'. As always he aced his math test and headed to his next class the same thing happened all day by the end of the day he was so bored that he went over to the antique shop and bought a little brown obsidean arch with all the spare money he had when he got home he opened the box it came with and went to his room than he accidently dropped the box and it fell on the bed frame cracking the bottom open and fell out the smallest key he had ever seen it was pure gold and it must have went with the arch little did he know that it was a not an arch but a portal. He inserted the key into the hole and the arch started to glow until it swallowed Falon. When Falon woke up he was in a field that had wildflowers growing all around him he looked down at his clothes and they were rugged and torn to bits. How did he get here? He stood up and walked around and saw a village.


  1. Hey Ali great job with the website!
    A website when you are just 9, I wonder how awesome you ll be at 18!!

  2. Wow Ali, this is an amazing start to a story! Keep writing, I would love to see what happens next to Falon!

  3. I love muy website its so cool